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About Stickppl

Stickppl is the online coaching service, created by Rob Court, that gets you started in applying basic drawing skills to everyday life.

If you can draw a simple stick figure, then you can learn how to draw human beings, places, and things; as well as convey ideas, solve problems, and illustrate stories. Drawing with Stickppl opens doors to improving your creativity and productivity while learning on your iPad.


The Stickppl Drawing Method: To start, we help you to awaken the visual vocabulary of lines and shapes you learned as a child—your correspondence with Rob is mostly drawing instead of words.

From there, we work on bringing your stick people to life with gesture lines, action lines, and emotion. Some of your lessons will be excerpts from Rob’s forthcoming book. You’ll also master the tools of the iPad app, Paper by 53.

Customized Learning Experience: After upgrading to our Premium Coaching Plan, you’ll progress through Stickppl lesson paths developed specifically for your ability level and interests in drawing.


Through your visual collaboration with Rob, you’ll have fun learning useful drawing skills such as 3D perspective, visual thinking, and concept sketching.

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Your Drawing Coach: Rob Court is the founder of the Scribbles Institute and enjoys helping adults and kids learn basic drawing skills for work, school, and enjoyment. Read more…

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