Stickppl: The Easy Way to Draw Human Beings


Stickppl: The Easy Way to Draw Human Beings, by Rob Court, is perfect for designers, teachers, students, engineers, artists, corporate executives, business owners—anyone with the desire to learn basic drawing skills for everyday life.


Build on the visual vocabulary of lines and shapes you learned as a child. The wonderfully illustrated lessons will show you basic skills and get you drawing regularly on your iPad. Each lesson takes about as long as your daily coffee break.

Stickppl: The Easy Way to Draw Human Beings with the iPad and Paper by 53 helps you learn about:

  • Gesture lines, proportions
  • Action, character situations, expressions, emotion
  • Basic composition and storyboarding
  • Dynamic sketching skills for creativity and productivity
  • Basic steps toward drawing realistic human figures
  • The award winning iPad app, Paper by 53

Available Fall, 2016

(You can receive advance excerpts while drawing with Rob online.)

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