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How It Works

Stickppl is the fun way to:

  • Learn basic skills for drawing people, places, and things
  • Develop concept sketching skills for work, school, & enjoyment
  • Discover the power of communicating with a visual language
  • Explore how to sketch ideas on your iPad


Easy Step-by-Step Learning:

Online Coaching: Learn basic drawing skills for creativity and productivity through one-on-one email coaching.

View Online Coaching Process:
1. Start your lessons by drawing a stick figure in the award-winning iPad app, Paper by 53.

2. Simply email your stick figure to your drawing coach, Rob Court. You’ll receive an email with suggestions and comments from Rob, usually within 24 hours. Stickppl customizes an online learning experience to your ability level and specific interests in drawing.

3. Continue applying advice from your coach, improve your drawing skills, set goals for advancement to higher levels of ability with each new challenge, and develop your own visual language. Upgrade to our Premium Online Coaching and watch your skills soar to new heights!

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Hands-On Workshops: Bring Stickppl workshops to your company, organization, or school. Learn valuable concept sketching and illustration skills from Rob Court. Workshops can feature digital or old school tools (pencils and pens).

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eBooks: Enjoy learning with Rob Court’s book, Stickppl: The Easy Way to Draw Human Beings. The wonderfully illustrated lessons will show you basic skills and get you drawing regularly on your iPad.

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